Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
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Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p

Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720pYashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p. Download Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p

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Movie Overview

Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Yashoda, who works in Zomato, becomes a surrogate mother, as she needs to fund her sister’s surgery. She is taken to Eva, a state-of-the-art surrogacy center owned by Dr. Madhubala. Yashoda befriends some of the surrogate mothers and spends time with them. All of them find out that each of them are poor, in need of money.

Meanwhile, the local police investigate the accident of business tycoon, Shiva Reddy, and his girlfriend, Aarushi. They deduce that it was a pre-planned murder, and the police appoint Vasudeva IPS to lead the investigation. He comes to know that Aarushi was a model and checks her e-mails, mail, and text messages. He learns that Aarushi was advised by her friend to not promote a specific cosmetic brand, as it contains harmful chemicals that are unknown to scientists. Vasudeva and his team head to meet Aarushi’s friend, but find that he was murdered two days ago. Vasudeva retrieves a cosmetic sample from his house, and finds a connection with the death of Olivia, a deceased Hollywood actress, who was killed when she drank a drugged juice. When he checks into the owner of the cosmetic brand, he finds that the Central Minister, Giridhar, owns the patent.

After an attack by unknown men, Vasudeva comes to know that 122 models will be arriving in India, in 6 months. He learns that one model, Elena , has already arrived. Vasudev along with his team, and Police commissioner Balram, follow her to a forest, but they are caught by the local tribals. Yashoda becomes suspicious of Eva, as she finds that her friends, Kajal and Leela, went missing after suffering from labor pains and undergoing a surgery. To her shock, she learns that Eva is not situated in the city, but was actually shown to the surrogate mothers using a live-projector. Yashoda later sneaks into Zone-2, where she fights with Jenny, a fellow surrogate, who is faking her pregnancy and is a member of Eva facility. She tries to kill Yashoda, but Yashoda manages to kill her. Afterwards, Yashoda finds many boxes containing dead children and surrogate mothers in the assets room, in which she finds Kajal and Leela’s bodies.

Yashoda is then caught by the security under the commands of Madhubala. When the security tries to rape her she fights against him and kills him too. She then tries to enter Madhubala’s cabin using Dr. Gautham’s badge to find more about Eva but is caught by Madhubala. Madhubala reveals that she was suffering from a disease, which resulted in her losing her beauty and causes aging, but Gautham helped her by developing a drug which cured her illness. However, the drug is only a temporary solution, with its effects lasting only 6 months. Giridhar, who turns out to be Madhubala’s husband, tells her to invent a new drug, by funding her research. Cut to the present, Madhubala and Gautham hold a meeting with their investors, while showing the live-footage of the meeting, to Yashoda, who is being held captive in a separate room. The duo reveals that the plasma in the fetus is the secret ingredient used for the invention of the drug, and they hire poor women to become surrogate mothers, by paying them. After inducing fake labor pains and performing C-Section they remove the fetus, discreetly kill the women, and retrieve the plasma.

They finally created the drug and sold it to rich women, mostly models, CEOs and actresses. They also reveal that Olivia had died due to a drug–drug interaction. They had Aarushi and Shiva Reddy killed in the accident, as she learnt that the cosmetic brand also contained the same drug, and threatened them of leaking it. In the forest, Vasudeva and his team learn that Balram is in cahoots with Madhubala and Gautham. Vasudeva and his team are brought to a den, to have them killed. At Eva, Yashoda finds that the facility is situated in a forest, and manages to escape through the emergency exit, but is knocked by Gautham, who brings her back. Gautham makes a video call to Balram, who is holding Vasudeva and his team, at gunpoint. However, Gautham, in-turn, is held at gunpoint by Yashoda. It is revealed that Yashoda is actually a skilled IPS trainee, undercover at Eva. Despite being the academy topper, she was forced to arrange money, to join the police force.

One day, Yashoda learns about her sister, Brinda’s disappearance, and finds that she had become a surrogate mother to arrange the money for her and was taken to Eva. In order to find her, Yashoda became a surrogate mother, and planned everything from the start. A fight ensues, where Yashoda defeats the goons and Gautham, but gets hit in the stomach, resulting in the death of the fetus. Meanwhile, Vasudeva and his team defeat the tribals and kill Balram. Yashoda meets up with her fellow surrogates and asks about Brinda but does not get any information about her.


Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p

Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
Full Name: Yashoda 2022 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
Release Date: 11 November 2022
Length: 2h 15min
Size: 1.1 GB
Quality: HD 720p
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Language: Hindi
Cast: Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
(2022) on IMDb