Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free
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Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free HDRip 720p

Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download FreeBlack Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free HDRip. Download Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free HDRip

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Movie Overview

Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free HDRipIn 2600 BC, the tyrannical king Ahk-Ton of Kahndaq creates the Crown of Sabbac to attain great power. After attempting to stage a revolt, a young slave boy is given the powers of Shazam by the Council of Wizards, transforming him into Kahndaq’s heroic champion, who kills Ahk-Ton and ends his reign.

In the present day, Kahndaq is oppressed by the Intergang as Adrianna Tomaz, an archaeologist and resistance-fighter, tries to locate the Crown of Sabbac with the help of her brother Karim and their colleagues Samir and Ishmael. As Adrianna obtains the crown, Intergang ambushes them and kills Samir, forcing Adrianna to read an incantation that awakens Teth-Adam, whom she believes to be Kahndaq’s champion, from a slumber. As he slaughters most of the Intergang troops, US government official Amanda Waller deems Adam a threat and contacts the Justice Society to apprehend him. Justice Society members Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher arrive in time to stop Adam from causing further destruction to Kahndaq and Intergang’s troops, and explain to Adrianna that Adam was not an entombed savior, but an imprisoned madman.

Ishmael reveals himself as the leader of Intergang in Kahndaq, pursuing Adrianna’s teenage son Amon, who has stolen and hidden the crown. Adam, Adrianna, and the Justice Society find the crown and intend to trade it for Amon. Reaching Ishmael, he reveals himself as the last descendant of King Ahk-Ton and wants his rightful place on the throne. Adrianna willingly gives the crown to save Amon’s life, but Ishmael betrays his part of the deal and shoots at Amon, causing Adam, trying to save Amon, to lose control and destroy the hideout with his power, killing Ishmael and wounding Amon. Guilt-ridden, Adam flees to the ruins of Ahk-Ton’s palace and reveals to Hawkman that the legends of Kahndaq’s champion were misattributed; it was Adam’s son, Hurut, who was granted Shazam’s powers and became Kahndaq’s champion. Knowing that Hurut was invincible, Ahk-Ton instructed assassins to execute Hurut’s family, including Adam and Hurut’s mother. Hurut gave Adam his powers to save his life and Ahk-Ton’s assassins immediately killed the de-powered Hurut, causing an enraged Adam to slaughter all of the king’s men and inadvertently destroyed Kahndaq’s palace. Subsequently deemed unworthy by the Council of Wizards, Adam killed them in anger except for Shazam, who imprisoned him along with the Crown of Sabbac within what became Adam’s tomb.


Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free HDRip 720p Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free HDRip 720p

Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free HDRip
Full Name: Black Adam 2022 Full Movie Download Free HDRip
Release Date: 21 October 2022
Length: 2h 5min
Size: 1.1 GB
Quality: HDRip
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Language: English
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Aldis Hodge, Pierce Brosnan
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